about the project

by Malene Sakskilde



We would like you to write a ”letter for Portugal”.


As you already know, Portugal is one of the countries in Europe, which is currently struggeling the economic crisis. The prognoses aren’t promising – not enough investments are being done here. An entire generation of young people are without jobs, and during the last two years approximatly 200.000 persons have left Portugal, looking for a future somewhere else in the world.


Letters for Portugal – is both a movement and an exhibition. The project will give everyone of us a voice to speak for hope, love, energy and new ideas to bring Portugal through the crises. Letters for Portugal is an interactive exhibition-event leaving everyone of us a chance to answer the question with our own, individual voice:


How do we make Portugal survive the crises, keeping it sane, mentally and artistically?

The exhibition will show visual letters from artists around the world.                   

The contributions will be wallpapered on the wall in gallery studioteambox.


Letters consists of three elements of communication – three ways of giving voice:


–       MailArt, deadline the 19th of April.

With an open-call, we invite both artists around the world, and artists living in Portugal, to send their contributions to studioteambox.


–       The 20th – 21th of April – everyone are invited to join an event. Come to  gallery studioteambox in LXFactory and create a 2 D/3D visual, or written piece of work in the ready-made-pop-up-shadow-making-lab.


–       Everyone can post a Letter for Portugal by using:

Post>Gallery Studio Teambox, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, 1300-501, 

LXFactory, edif.G, sala 6A, Lisbon, Portugal

E-mail> lettersforportugal@gmail.com



Behind the project:

The collaboration between Lisbeth van Deurs and  Malene Sakskilde started in 2003/04 when they both participated in the project City of Words in Copenhagen and were members of the art group E.A.T – Experiments in Art & Technology, Sweden.

During the international COP15 In Copenhagen in 2009 Lisbeth and Malene created a pop-by-statement-shop in the Central station of Copenhagen. All by-passing users/travellers/activists were invited to create a climate-statement in the studio. A screen, a light source and piles of props and found objects were available. The statements were photographed as black and white images. The result was a long series of climate statements postcards, which were sent to the Danish minister of Climate and Environmental issues, Lykke Friis.


Lisbeth van Deurs lives and practices her art in Denmark, but graduated with a BA (Hons, Fine Art, Printmaking) from Surrey Institute of Fine Art & Design and later with an MA (Fine Art, Drawing) from Wimbledon School of Art in London, 2002.  See more about her work at



Malene Sakskilde has a background in art from England with a BA (hons) from Dartington College of Art, and graduated as Cultural Producer from Malmö Högskola, Sweden in 2001.